Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

The missions system is in place and while it was a lot of work, I am very happy with the results.  Initially, there are 3 types of missions (combat, aide, and bounties).  They are all procedurally generated and offer a variety of challenging and fun scenarios and also create an interesting way to explore the entire sector organically. Also, I have already thought of a couple of other mission types that may make it into the game at some point.

No Risk, No Reward!

Although they are a very lucrative way to earn credits and prestige in the sector, accepting faction missions could also be a quick way to earn your demise! Combat and bounty missions will sometimes take you straight into the heart of enemy territory.  Seeking out your bounty or trying to pick off stragglers from the herd can prove to be quite dangerous and requires a strategic approach.  If you just go for it guns-a-blazin’, chances are you’ll be the one licking your wounds.


Bounty missions allow you to hunt down a single enemy pilot.  When given the mission, your prey’s last known location will be added as a map marker (colored for the faction that gave you the mission).  Once you finally find them and spot them on your radar you’ll be able to track them.  If they get away from you and off the radar, you’ll have to try to find them again.  Be very careful if you choose to attack while they’re near their friends.


Multiple radar arrows direct you toward your targets.



Aide missions send you off to another station to deliver goods that they are short on and in need of.  These can be highly profitable while also doing a service to the faction.  So a win-win!  Sometimes these will take you to previously unexplored areas of the sector where you’ll find stations you’ve not visited yet, so they are a great way to fill out your map.


Combat missions have you out to destroy a number of enemy vessels in order to send a message.  These can get hairy fast as once again you’ll most likely be in enemy territory. Depending on your ship and crew, you’ll either make light work of them or have your hands full, so plan accordingly.



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