Be Like Mike!

I’ve gotten some really great feedback during my initial extremely-limited-but-productive-closed-early-alpha testing phase!  This post is about one great feature idea that has come out of this.

Make Everyone Around You Better!

When I was a wee lad, my hero was none other than Michael Jordan (Be Like Mike!).  He was the hero to a lot of kids as you may recall.  MJ made the players around him, his teammates, better.  He was a great leader for his team.

So that has become a goal of you as the Captain of your vessel and your crew in Sector 7.  To be like Mike.  To make them better at their jobs.  To be a good leader.

You, the captain, rather than having a single skill onboard the ship, will gain a bonus to all of the professions aboard the ship!

Let’s say you have a Gunner onboard with a 15.9% boost to your weapon efficiency…Screenshot1-crop

And let’s say you have a leadership bonus in Gunnery of 4.8%. Your Gunnery multiplier will be her 15.9% plus your bonus totaling 20.7%! And as you both level up that bonus will grow ever higher (at least until you hit the level cap).

If you lose that gunner in battle or elsewise your leadership bonus doesn’t start over.  You stay the same level of leader in that profession and when you hire another gunner, that bonus will light back up and you’ll continue to help your crew.

You are now a positive influence on your crew whether you like it or not.  Deal with it!


If you’ve read this far and would like to be a part of the Alpha testing phase, contact me and let me know.  I’d appreciate any feedback you might have!

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