Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

Update – Crew Systems Complete!

This past week or so I worked on finishing up the crew systems.  So now all the features are there, from hiring and firing, to skill bonuses, to gaining experience and leveling up, death, and even crew happiness levels (yes, they will leave you if you don’t pay them long enough).

What’s Next? – Mission Not-So-Impossible

The focus now switches to the last and final major feature of the game, the mission system!  I’m really excited to start working on this part of the game.  Not only does it mean I’m getting even closer to a releasable game, but it’s the piece of the puzzle that will tie all of the rest of the game together.

I’ve got a small number of different mission styles in mind that you’ll be able to take on.

  • Bounty missions
  • Rescue missions
  • Trade missions
  • Combat missions

This list may change, but it will give me a good starting point for how to build the systems to make it all happen.

Besides trade and combat, missions will be the best way for you to explore the sector and earn wealth that will eventually enhance your retirement score.

On a side note… I really need to get these #screenshotsaturday posts ready ahead of time… 🙂

Shiny Things…

Until the next update, here are some screenshots of the UI updates…

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