I don’t know anything about marketing.

My goal with Sector7 from the start was/is not to make lots of money or notoriety.  To be clear, I am making a game I have always wanted to play.  In fact, I have fun playing it now and it’s not even done yet!  And sometimes I have to force myself to stop playing and get back to writing code! 

But this week I’ve spent much of my time getting marketing things in place.  And well, here I am blogging again!  I watched a fantastic talk on youtube by Emmy Jonassen which spurred me into thinking I should do some of this stuff.  So I coded a static landing page which I’ll launch soon.  I started thinking about what the trailer will look like.  I started making accounts on places like imgur (where I gained immediate negative reputation for posting screenshots on an image sharing site… mind boggling ) and indiedb.  I even started to think I should maybe set up a legit business just in case.

I guess the fact that I enjoy playing my game, makes me hope that others will too.  And if that means that there’s a chance for those things I mentioned that are not my primary goals, then that’s just an added bonus.

My goal for this entire process is to have fun doing what I love.  But I’m not going to complain if it turns into something more.

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