Life Aboard Ship #indiegame #monogame #screenshotsaturday

Space, as we all know, is a very hostile environment for human beings.  This fact is no less true in Sector7.  Life is difficult and in most cases short.  Even with many advances in medical technology, the harshness of space is just too much to deal with.  Especially when combined with heavy fire from enemy ships.

You may come to love the crew aboard your ship. And you may admire their valor and dedication to your cause. But know this… they will not last forever. No, they will not last your entire career.  In fact, they may not make it through the next battle.

Why have a crew if they are so… fragile?! Your crew makes up for what you lack.  You are a skilled Pilot, but know nothing of Engineering, Gunnery, Medicine, and Trade.

As you visit stations throughout the sector, you will find people of these professions willing to join you on your adventure.  You will be able to recruit them, for a cost.

Here are some details about how the Crew system works in the game:

  • There are 4 professions for crew members, each offering special advantages:
    • Engineer – increases ship energy & repairs systems faster
    • Gunner – increases weapon fire rate & damage
    • Medic – enhances crew longevity & mitigates health loss in battle
    • Trader – negotiates market prices
  • You, the captain, are the Pilot – increases ship speed.
  • Crew members age, and have hit points.
  • Crew members take damage in battle, which can also reduce their longevity.
  • Crew members can die of natural causes.
  • Crew members can level-up by gaining experience in their profession (max level: 5).
    • (e.g. Gunner gains experience by firing weapons, Trader gets experience by negotiating prices, etc.)
  • There are only 3 crew slots aboard your ship, so choose your crew wisely.
  • Death is permanent.


Phew! Barely got this done in time for #screenshotsaturday! 

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