Great Week at #CodeMash ! @shwany @chadrickm #MonoGame #indiedev #gamedev #screenshotsaturday


This past week I once again had the opportunity to go the CodeMash conference in Sandusky, OH.  This was my 4th year (consecutively) at the conference.  And as always, it was truly beneficial in terms of exposing me to more things that I can benefit from as a web-developer in my day job.  An added bonus this year, was that I got to meet some other indie game developers who are also working on cool game projects in their spare time.

Shawn Rakowski (@Shwany) gave a talk entitled “Press Start: Game Development for the Uninitiated” in which he gave great advice for aspiring game devs.  I learned a few great tips that I hadn’t considered, plus he validated a lot of what I was already doing.  It was truly an inspiration.

Later that afternoon, Shawn set up an open chat for people to attend and talk about their projects, etc.  In joining him there, I met Chadrick Mahaffey (@chadrickm) (who is working on an awesome space-trading-crypto-currency project).  I also met Bob Palmer, who has done work on Kerbal Space Program as well as various Take2 Interactive projects.

During this chat, I got to share a little bit about Sector7 and get some feedback on it.  Their feedback was very positive and Shawn was also able to give me a few pointers on structuring cross-platform MonoGame projects as well as how he used C#’s yield keyword to add coroutine functionality into his MonoGame projects.

Sector7 Progress…

Since the last update, I’ve added lots of Crew features, as well as Shields! So without further ado, here are a few screen shots of some of my recent progress.

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