Attack of the Drones #indiegame #gamedev

Combat Update – Drone Swarm

Work on Sector7 of late has been focused on getting the combat system completed and making sure all of the offensive and defensive capabilities are implemented.  This included adding the functionality to AI-controlled ships.  I’ve just finished up the Drone Swarm attack and I think that it turned out pretty well.  While testing it out I found myself having a lot of fun, especially now that the AI ships can use it and various other things against me.  It definitely added to the challenge and I may need to tweak the difficulty a bit going forward.  But for now, enjoy this clip of some heavy space combat action. (FYI: I used a cheat code in this video in order to survive.)

One of the challenges in building the Drone Swarm was getting the swarm to spread out a bit whilst still being a somewhat cohesive unit.  Each drone in a swarm is fully autonomous but since they all spawn from generally the same place I added some randomness to each one as it’s spawned in order to give it that nice “swarm” effect.

Trade Update – Shipyard

In a previous post, I talked a bit about the market and how it works.  The shipyard is now up and running and you can buy new ships if you’ve got the credits.  As the market fluctuates, so do the ships that are available at each space station.  So you’ll have to keep an eye out for that ship of your dreams when it goes on sale.  I’ll be adding more ships (as well as faction specific ships that you can only find at said faction’s stations) soon.


Faction Update

Factions are now in the game! I’ll post a specific update about them soon, but the combat video above shows a little bit of what happens when factions that don’t like each other clash.

Also, look for more updates on the main storyline in an upcoming post.

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