On Spaceflight #rocketscience

When I was first envisioning Sector7, I thought I would make spaceflight similar to Asteroids or other games. Ships would naturally drift in the vacuum of space until the player used some form of control to reverse the effect of drifting.

But after some thought, I came to the conclusion that perhaps that wasn’t a necessary mechanic of the game. 

It’s kind of frustrating to play when you constantly have to correct your course manually so you don’t ram into an asteroid or drift into the clutches of the enemy.

So instead, I removed said drift. In Sector7, technology has advanced enough that the ships engines will automatically correct course to mitigate the already pressure filled scenario of flying in such a hostile environment.

So don’t worry about drifting aimlessly through the sector, your ship has a few tricks up its sleeve thanks to human ingenuity.

Give a hug to your nearest rocket scientist.

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