#MonoGame 3.6 upgrade

I went ahead with an upgrade of Sector 7 to use the newest release of MonoGame that was recently announced.  In doing so, there were a few hiccups since this release seemed to have some significant and breaking changes from 3.5.

Since the project structure had changed, my process was to create a new project in Visual Studio, and then copy in all of my existing code.  Since I’m also using MonoGame.Extended I had to go in and refactor a lot of calls to its API that now caused build errors.  I also had to make a few adjustments to my games initialization and add some new SpriteBatch extension methods to ensure the game ran as I expect.

I’m not going to go into complete detail here, but it was non-trivial. And it took me a good 10 hours to get everything up and running again.  So if you’re using MonoGame 3.5 or earlier and are going through the process of upgrading to 3.6 and need some guidance, I’d be happy to give you some pointers based on my experience.

Now back to forward progress…



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