Entry #3 – Ships

What would a space game (or pirate game for that matter) be without cool ships to fly around in?

There will be 6 types of ships you can fly and multiple models of each type (not dissimilar to the auto industry with different makes and models of cars).  Each type of ship will have various uses depending on what you need to do in the game.

All of the ship types in the game are Sector level ships, meaning they cannot achieve interstellar speeds.  Hyperships are a rare sight in Sector 7, so catch one if you can.

Ship Types

  • Scout – small research/transport vessel
  • Fighter – light attack vessel
  • Miner – self explanatory, no?
  • GunShip – heavy attack vessel
  • Trader – light merchant vessel
  • Barge – heavy merchant vessel

This is just a sample of each type, you’ll come across more in game.  There will also be escape pods, just in case you find yourself in some trouble and need to jettison the area.


Ship-to-Ship combat is fast-paced real-time action.  Ships use Energy when they accelerate, maneuver, & fire weapons.  Energy costs vary based on ship-type and other modifiers.

During combat, it will be possible to disable a ship rather than destroy it.  This will come in handy for various reasons.  Maybe you just want their cargo, or maybe the pilot has information you need, etc.

Each ship has 4 systems that make up the primary functions of its operation:

  • Life Support – if this system fails, the crew won’t have long
  • Engines – want to halt your foe, destroy these
  • Navigation – hard to know where you’re going without this
  • Weapons – pew pew


Your ship is going to get damaged from time to time, it’s just part of life in the sector.

The health of all of the ships systems makes up a ships total hit points. Ships will repair over time if they are stopped or travelling slow enough. Having a good Engineer on your crew will help maintain system health and make repairs faster.