Entry #2 – The tech

Over the past several months I’ve been building the prototype for Sector7.  I’ve toyed with a number of game engines (including Unity, Atomic, Phaser, etc.)  Each of them are good in their own ways and have strengths and weaknesses.

But, in order to keep my game development time efficient, my final choice is MonoGame.

To me, and this is just a personal preference, MonoGame felt the most comfortable.  I’ve used XNA in the past for messing about so I already had some knowledge of the API. Being open source, it also has a number of great open source libraries developed by the community.  One of my favorites is MonoGame.Extended.  I am using a number of its features and extending some others for my use.  Who knows, I may be able to contribute back to it at some point.

The MonoGame Pipeline Tool is also quite nice and greatly helps manage the assets used in my project.

One of the goals of Sector7 is for it to run on multiple platforms as well. MonoGame supports all of the platforms I’m aiming for initially (PC, Mac, Linux). And is supports some others I may look at on the horizon (Xbox One, PS4).

Visual Studio and C# are a great fit for me also since that’s also what I use in my day job. So this just all seemed to fit nicely.

As for my art assets, I edit everything using Paint.net. It’s a wonderful, easy to use, and completely free tool.

For music and sound effect editing, I use Audacity.  Along with everything else I’ve mentioned, it’s free to use.